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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Basel, Switzerland -A Day Trip to Basel, Switzerland - March 2014

From Interlaken we used our Swiss Rail Pass for a day trip to Basel. The Express Train was 1 hour 45 minutes, there was so much to see along the way – time flew by.

Basel is located on the Rhine River near the boarders of France and Germany, it is Switzerland’s second largest city. At the train station we went to the Visitor’s Information Desk – requested a walking map of Basel’s main highlights.

Our first stop was The Bank of International Settlements.  Frank read a book called “The Tower of Basel” by Adam Lebor. He was interested in seeing the building.

We walked over the Middle Bridge to the Rheinufer Basel and walked along the waters of the Rhein. There were many towers, buildings, museums, and restaurants to see.

There are many spots where one can sit, have lunch or a snack and watch all the happenings on the water's edge.

We crossed the Rhein River on the cable ferry from underneath the Basler Pfalz.  It was inexpensive and fun.

Basel Munster Cathedral, made of red sandstone with multi-covered tile roof dating back to the 13th century.

Rathaus, Marktplatz Square 
This unique City Hall building stands out among the row of buildings at Marktplatz square .The brick red walls with colorful facades is striking, the decorations were done in the style of Art Nouveau.

The Basel old town is very nice as there are so many small streets where you can turn a corner and see more and more interesting buildings

The Kunstmuseum Basel is home to one of the largest and oldest public museum collections in Europe.  Admission to the museum is included in your Swiss Pass, free museums. 

A collection of impressionists, from Monet to Van Gogh and Cezanne. The works there of Picasso, Manet, Chagall, Klee, are seldom seen works. A very enjoyable museum with an outstanding collection and a very spacious and pleasant display. Also, the last hour is "happy hour" so free.

Auguste Rodin's Les Bourgeois de Calais

Walked passed the very unusual Tinguely Musuem which had many sculpture’s that rattle, shake or twirl, we did not know what to think about it  –  we only took one picture.
Walking back to the Basel Main Station, there were so many sights to see!

We stopped at a CafĂ© to rest our feet.  2 coffees, 1 pastry = $13.00, Switzerland is pricey.

Near the Basel Main Station, we passed the Union Bank of Switzerland

We took the 4:30pm train back to Interlaken.  We had a wonderful and interesting visit to Basel!
I have not been everywhere, but I believe Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world!
March 2014

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