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Monday, December 29, 2014

Central America - Panama City, Panama - A Day in Panama City

Welcome to Panama!

The modern skyline was impressive.  A new iconic landmark in Panama, Biomuseo is a spectacular Frank Gehry Building located on the Amador Causeway, a prominent area at the entrance to the Panama Canal in the Pacific Ocean.

A Twisted Tower, The Revolution Tower is a skyscraper in Panama's Banking District

Panama Viego Museum is located right on the Pacific Ocean. There are two parts to this museum the museum building and the outdoor ruins.


The museum is small but very well done. We went inside and learned a little something about Panama City's origins. We saw a few pieces of colonial artifacts of pottery and coins very few pieces on display.

Outdoor Ruins
The Archaeological site of Panama Viejo founded in 1519 is the oldest European settlement on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. Founded by Spanish conquistador Pedrarias Davila in 1513.

It is a nice place to walk and take pictures.  The weather today was hot and humid, all open space. You need to wear a hat and drink plenty of water.

The Historic District of Panama
Casco Viejo – is the most colorful part of Panama City. There is a mixture of old and newly restored buildings.  These are a work in progress.

Panama Crafts Market located in the Plaza de la Independence.

Kuna is the name of an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. There are also communities of Kuna people in Panama City, Colón, and other cities. They dress incredibly colorfully and do not like their pictures taken.  This is a rare smile from a Kuna lady.

A lovely view from the bridge.

The Catedral de Panamá, one of the largest in Central America, was completed in 1796. Today it stands over Plaza Catedral (Plaza de la Independencia) and is one of the main points of interest in Casco Viejo.

Ruin and Restoration

Catedral Metropolitana
The two towers on either side of the main entrance are encrusted with mother of pearl from the Pearl Islands and offer an interesting architectural contrast to the immense stone entrance wall and wooden doors. The cathedral reflects best the Spanish presence due to the dimensions and age of the building. The construction of this building lasted over 100 years.

Iglesia de San Jose
Saint Joseph Church has a gold leaf covered wood altar.
According to legend, a monk coated the gold altar with silver oxide to make it
look black and unfinished when the Henry Morgan, the pirate was looting Old
Panama. Apparently, it worked!

The Convent and Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus was originally built in Panama Viejo. It was rebuilt here, but destroyed by a fire and an earthquake. Only the shell of the the building remains with an iron gate.

Walking the streets of Old Town.

Plaza Herrera
There's a section of the old wall of the city and a statue of General Tomas Herrera. He fought in the wars of independence from Spain and Colombia.

Plaza de Francia -The Rooster at top of the Obelisk and interesting metal, art displays in the Plaza.

On our way to the Presidential Palace, in need of restoration.

Taking a break from selling his paintings.

President’s Palace - is the governmental office and residence of the President of Panama. Built-in a Colonial Style.

 The Panama City Skyline of the Modern City.

We had a great time in Panama. We'll be back!

November 30, 2014

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